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Expert Talk

In Expert Talk, some of the industry's top minds discuss various products or businesses with their thoughts, concerns, and solutions. These interviews give us a quick snapshot of the company's or product's most recent developments. This might take the shape of questions and answers. Expert Talk covers a wide range of topics and demonstrates an organization's expertise.

Big Data Analytics - A Revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In this panel discussion our panelists will explore how big data analytics is reshaping drug discovery clinical trials patient care and regulatory decisions

Integration of Emerging Technologies in Drug Substance and Drug Product Development and Manufacturing

Emerging technologies are technologies that are in the early stages of adoption in drug substance and drug product development

eBR for Paperless Manufacturing in the Pharma Industry

EBR systems are more reliable and compliance than traditional paper documents log in measures

Next Generation Sequencing - Genomics

The genomic sequencing approach allows for a comprehensive analysis of human DNA for gene sequence changes enabling the detection of cancer associated novel genetic changes in unexpected genes

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